So You Want to Get Your Show on MCTV

Thanks for your interest in MCTV!

If you are not a resident of Methuen, and you are producing a show in another access station or on your own, you can submit your program to MCTV under the following conditions.

You need to have a Methuen resident make the request to air your program. We have a form that both you and the resident sign off on before we can accept the program. Resident Cablecast Form You can request forms and additional information by contacting MCTV.

You need to find the Methuen resident. If you don’t know anyone in our community, we have no responsibility to find someone for you. Our Board of Directors believes that Airtime is for use by our residents only.

Your program should be of genuine interest to our community.  If your show is covering something that a Methuen resident’s show is already covering, chances are if you send in your program unsolicited, it will be put aside and forgotten. Sorry!

If you have a show where a Methuen resident is featured, ask them to sign off on the form. If we don’t air the entire series, we could at least air the episode.

All programs must be submitted on DVD, MPEG or Quicktime formats. Windows Media is not compatible with our system. We can also download programs from established services such as PEG Media, MMX or Google. The Producer or Sponsor is responsible for any fees. Note: DVD’s work best if they are “single title” and contain only one episode each.

For technical reasons, we can not get airable programs off Youtube or other such sites without doing conversions. Please do not ask us to download your program from there. We are not obligated to put in extra time and effort to get your show.

Submission must be accompanied by a cover letter and our form to assist in the organizational process. These can be mailed, faxed or emailed to us. Please include contact information for the producer. It is also helpful to indicate the exact length of the typical episode.

We wish you success! And thanks again for your interest.