Do you have an idea for a podcast? We’d love to talk to you about it! There’s a few things you need to know.

First of all, MCS is offering Methuen residents the opportunity to produce their own podcasts in a high quality facility. These podcasts must follow public access rules and be non-commercial in nature. As we do not receive podcast revenue from any source, and there are costs involved in curating and distributing this content, this service will NOT be free.

In order to qualify to use the Podcast & Audio Production Studio, a resident must sign up as a member, take the necessary training, submit a proposal and sign the producer agreement for their podcast. Non-residents can do the same. Annual fees must be paid by the time of the first podcast recording.

It is assumed that once a member has completed training, the individual will be able to operate the podcast studio including editing the final product without staff assistance.

Podcast Creation Membership will be available to Methuen residents under the following structure. Residency will need to be proven to receive the resident rates. Non-residents are welcome, but pay a different fee.

  • $250 per year – Basic Membership entitles a resident to production of 1 show monthly (maximum 3 hours equipment time monthly) and inclusion on MCS Methuen Network. This works out to just $21 a show!
  • $125 Per year – Basic Access Membership entitles a Community TV producer to create audio files from their existing show and have them included on MCS Methuen Network
  • $95 per year – Basic Senior or Student Membership (must be 65+ or a verified student age 23 or under)
  • $450 per year – Basic Membership for Non-residents (same benefits)

For those with financial hardship, scholarships or volunteer hours may be accepted in lieu of payment. Arrangements must be made with MCS staff.

Businesses are allowed to sponsor a public access style podcast with 30 second announcements on a show. Podcast studio can also be rented for programs which promote a business or professional career. For more information on these costs, please contact MCS.